Here you can find a list of the all the different foot care services I offer

Our feet are very important to us and can affect our whole way of life. When we suffer with our feet it can get us down. This can affect our mood as well as our mobility. I’m help ease the suffering of your ailments. I can provide preventative and hygiene care and bring back your quality of life. All treatments are carried out in your own home or your place of preference. It is often difficult to find a podiatrist or chiropodist that will visit you in your home. I provide foot care services at times to suit our schedule. You will find that prices are much cheaper than if you were to visit a podiatrist, yet the treatments I offer compare with services offered by health care professionals in the NHS and in private medicine. Foot Care servicesAll foot care treatments are carried out within strict medical guidelines. I can offer one-off treatments or an individual programme of care to suit each client. Each case is assessed to ascertain the level of treatment available, or to recommend medical intervention if required. Hygiene is obviously a major consideration, and all tools and equipment are maintained to the highest of standards. They are cleaned and sterilised thoroughly before any foot care treatments are carried out. You can always rely on a sympathetic ear. I know how much it means to you to have your feet in good working order. I’ve been providing foot care services for some time now. I’ve helped many people to overcome their foot problems. If you would like to see some NHS sources of foot care information then you can visit this link – NHS Choices If you have any questions or doubts, or would like to book a free consultation then please don’t hesitate to call me on 07988 458403. Or email if preferred. My range of foot care services are listed below.

Foot Care Services


Athletes Foot Treatment  


Fungal Infections 


Cracked Heels 


Corn Treatments 


Diabetic Foot Care 


Ingrown Toenails 


Nail Care 


Foot Care for the Elderly 


Verruca Advice

Plus foot massage, medi-pedi's (pedicures without varnish or cosmetics), dry and cracked feet treatments and more.


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